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Vichy Dercos Aminexil Pro Hair Loss Treatment for Women 18 monodoses

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by Vichy
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Innovation Dercos Aminexil Pro with a new formula reinforced to counteract the root causes of hair loss.

  • Aminexil®, introduced by Vichy in 1996, is the result of over 10 years of research. It was chosen from 150 molecules for its effectiveness in the fight against hair loss. It counteracts the main cause responsible for alopecia: stiffening of the collagen coating around the root. Compressed and weakened root gradually becomes deprived of building elements, due to which the hair it produces is thinner. Over time, the hair stops growing back. Thanks to Aminexil®, the roots are less compressed and thus firmly attached to the scalp.

  • SP94 combines glucose and vitamin F, two nutrients for the hair bulb.

  • Glucose is the main "fuel" for all cells of the human body. It is therefore an essential source of energy for the bulb, because the hair root is the area of ​​the most intense cellular proliferation of the human body.

  • Vitamin F is an essential fatty acid that is involved in the formation of fiber ceramides, an essential building block of the epithelium of the outer coat of the hair, its natural "shield" against harmful factors, and therefore the quality of the hair.

  • Arginine + a new applicator to stimulate micro-circulation.

  • Result:

  1. Effectiveness is visible after 2 weeks *

  2. Formula suitable for people with sensitive scalp.

  3. Efficacy confirmed in clinical trials in women and men.

  4. Promotes natural hair growth: 81% *

  5. Visibly thicker hair: 86% *

  6. Average improvement observed.

  7. * Self-assessment test in a group of 118 people.

  8. * Percentage of people who reported improvement


1 ampoule per day during intensive treatment or a minimum of 3 ampoules per week during maintenance treatment, for 6 weeks.

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