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Vornado 573 Small Flat Panel Air Circulator Fan

SKU 43765005392
by Vornado
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Freshen up a stuffy area with this small but powerful personal air circulator from Vornado. It can move air up to 25 feet, and has a tilting head to direct the flow.


Whole Room Vortex Circulation

A Vornado circulates all the air in the room so everyone is comfortable. Air in motion feels cooler than air that is stagnant. By providing whole room circulation, a Vornado allows you to turn the thermostat up 5º F - saving energy and money - without sacrificing comfort.

Multi-Directional Airflow

As a whole room circulator, the 573 is designed to focus a powerful beam of air horizontally across the room, or vertically towards the ceiling. Horizontal airflow is ideal for traditional whole room circulation, particularly for warm weather use. Focusing the air upwards maximizes the 573's ability to force warm air off the ceiling to the rest of the room - an added bonus during winter months.

5 Year Warranty

We’re so confident about the quality of our whole room circulators that we’ve backed them with an industry-leading 5 year warranty. You can rest assured that your Vornado will perform for years to come.

AirTensity Spiral Grill

The special twist of the AirTensity grill creates a spiral effect that allows the air to travel throughout the whole room.

Enclosed Air Duct

By enclosing the deep pitch blades in a cylindrical duct, air is sculpted into a high-velocity column that powers through hot and cold zones.

Deep Pitch Blades

Heavily contoured blades maximize the amount of air moved with each turn of Vornado's high-powered motor.

Inlet Air Accelerator

The specially sized inlet directs air to the most effecient parts of the blades to increase airflow.