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The Holy Black New York Jeckyll and Hyde Box Set

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Shake Aftershaves well to activate, mix at your preferred formula.

Jeckyll and Hyde- One Fragrance, split into its elemental parts. Made for each other, made from each other; made to be mixed, or worn on their own. Vetiver and Wood are the central theme for this falls release.

Dr. Jeckyll is bright, green, woody and slightly citrus. The Refined Vetiver and Sandalwood base notes are strong upfront while lilting citrus notes make this an ideal scent for the warmer fall days. The lighter side of this combo, Dr. Jeckyll is perfectly balanced all on its own.

Mr. Hyde is dark, brooding; evil. Raw Unrefined Vetiver, Patchouli and Sandalwood create an earthy, heavier feel diametrically opposed to Dr. Jeckyll yet decidedly similar. An almost imperceptible hint of amber helps round this long lasting scent. Animalistic and powerful, Mr. Hyde is the epitome of masculinity without being overbearing.

Jeckyll and Hyde, when mixed in your own preferred ratios, allows you to create a complex fragrance customizable to your own body chemistry that embodies the light and dark side of these similar profiles. This set includes two 8.5oz aftershave splashes, two 50ml Eau De Toilette fragrances, and one Shaving soap with the both Jeckyll and Hyde that can be used together, or separately. We also have a couple of other surprises in store for you that we think will be worth the wait.

Shake Aftershaves well to activate, mix at your preferred formula! (comes with 3ml pipette for convenience)

Customer Reviews

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I looked high and low for this Holy Black limited edition Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde box set and somehow I was able to snag this crate of goodies! Oh yes, it is packed with all kinds and sorts of wonderful. 2 of this and 2 of that and 2 personalities inside a porcelain soap container. What more can you ask for here? Care to split personalities? Well, you have it here in spades. Mix them all together in custom proportions like Dr. Jekyll till your hearts content and see if you can conjure up Mr. Hyde. A pipette to help mix your potions and release Mr. Hyde is included with this box set to do just that. Release your inner Jekyll and Hyde with this superb Holy Black box set. Dr. Jekyll would approve!

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