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Simpsons Trafalgar T2 Cyclone Synthetic Shaving Brush

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This special shaving brush is exclusively available at Pasteur Pharmacy, known for quality grooming products. Made by Simpson, a respected name in shaving, the Trafalgar T2 Cyclone Synthetic Shaving Brush reflects their expertise and dedication to providing top-notch tools for wet shaving fans.

The brush has a beautifully crafted lathe-turned handle filled with Simpson's high-quality Sovereign grade synthetic fibers. Its Cyclone synthetic bristles replicate the performance of natural badger hair, offering great water retention, lathering, and easy maintenance. It provides gentle yet effective exfoliation, creating a rich, creamy lather that enhances your shaving routine.

The Trafalgar T2 handle design pays tribute to the classic Simpson's Trafalgar series, known for its timeless aesthetic. The Cyclone finish adds sophistication, making it a standout piece in any shaving collection. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing precise control during shaving.

Whether you're a wet shaving enthusiast or grooming aficionado, the Simpson's Trafalgar T2 Cyclone Synthetic Shaving Brush offers an exceptional shaving experience. It combines tradition, innovation, premium materials, and timeless design.

Upgrade your grooming routine with Simpson's Trafalgar T2 Cyclone Synthetic Shaving Brush – a masterpiece that blends artistry, functionality, and the joy of a perfect shave.


Trafalgar T2 Specifications:

  • Overall brush height: 90mm
  • Handle height: 46mm
  • Knot loft: 44mm
  • Knot diameter: 24mm

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Customer Reviews

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fred wilber
Nice brush

I am a boar brush user so purchased this for fast shave cream shaves.