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Martin de Candre Fougere Shaving Soap 50g

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Perfumed with one of the iconic Colognes of the Savonnerie Martin de Candre, highly appreciated for its delicate, fresh and green notes, the Fern Shaving Soap – Fougère has the same qualities of foam and shaving as Original and Nature Shaving Soaps.

Fern Shaving Soap - Fougère is perfumed with a Cologne made from 12 essential oils, all expertly orchestrated and perfectly harmonized.

In the past, many soaps bore the name "fougère" which, in terms of perfume, refers to a fresh cologne with a green and woody note. The "fougère" of MdC consists of a pleasant blend of 12 Essential Oils, "12 Essences" perfume that made the reputation of our soap factory from its beginnings in 1974. A perfume for all, a delicate, rare Cologne, which smells fresh and is awakening a sweet nostalgia ...

The main advantages of MdC shaving soap:

-A hot saponification, made by us in our workshop, with 100% vegetable oils (olive, copra) and potash (Alcali). Our 40 years of experience allow us to guarantee perfect control of this process.

- A fully hot saponified paste guarantees an excellent conservation, without the addition of any preservative.

- At the end of the cooking process, we add in the still hot paste essential oils which allows us to perfume our soaps at their very heart.

- Weeks of drying, so that the soap loses weight, its water. Taking the time to dry the soap is a "madness" when today, everything must go very fast ... but there is no secret: the paste and the perfume are greatly improved!

-A brand product, made by a French craftsman, a luxurious product ... and yet one of the most economical: it lasts a good year according to your feedback and comments.

-And finally let's talk about its foam:

The foam takes shape quickly, under the beautiful gestures of the shaving brush, you get a smooth shave, very close, and without skin aggression. The foam is abundant, it "sticks" to the skin: we get on the face like a soft and unctuous cream. This foam is really beautiful but YOU are undoubtedly speaking about it better than anyone!

Customer Reviews

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Nice fougere. Well worth the price

Martin de Candre Fern Shaving Soap Fougere 50g

Nice fougere. Well worth the price

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