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Martin de Candre Agrumes Citrus Shaving Soap Limited Edition 200g

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The unrivaled freshness of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot ... The subtle and fragile notes make it difficult for a perfumer to harmonize and stabilize it when working only with rigorously natural essential oils. This is how Martin de Candre was inspired and created for you this shaving soap called "Agrumes"!

A new shave to savor !!!

The "Citrus" Shaving Soap - Agrumes is part of the "limited" editions, so it's not available in stock all year, and it only appears for exceptional events! It likes to be desired! ...

Made using the same saponification process and from the same oils as its "elder brothers", namely the Original, Nature and Fougère, the "Citrus" Shaving Soap - Agrumes is abundant under the hairs of the shaving brush and allows to obtain a shave just as soft and perfect.

By respecting the instructions of use and conservation of Martin de Candre, it is a soap which will have a remarkable longevity: at least one year for this pot of 200g, and for a daily shave.

Fragrance: Rose created by MdC, from a blend of natural essential oils exclusively.

Weight: 200g

Packaging: PETG CRYSTAL jar with aluminum lid

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Johnson
My favorite shave soap

MdC is a well established shave soap that performs well, with excellent dense lather, good cushion and slickness. The scent is present but not loud, a real nice citrus smell. I highly recommend it.

Martin de Candre Agrumes

I think that Agrumes and Roses are the best soaps I have ever used

Nick Winslow
Wonderful version of a great product

I have been a big fan of Martin de Candre shaving soaps for a long time. They just work great for me. The Agrumes Citrus scent is my new favorite. They knocked it out of the park with this one.

Stepnen S.

Best lemon scent yet. And MDC soaps are so dense, that per shave the expense comes out to not be much more than other lesser prices soaps.


The smell and lather quality

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