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Phyto Huile Dales Pre-Shampoo Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment 5 Ct

SKU 618059152023
by Phyto
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A true elixir of essential oils for dry hair. Essential for the incomparable luminosity it brings to the hair and for its ability to enhance color.

Beneficial elixir for dry hair, very rich in essential oils. Try before shampooing and enjoy the incomparable glow that offers hair and its unique ability to extols color.

Thanks to the innovative, water-soluble composition, the HUILE D'AL?S easily removed with water immediately giving shine to dull hair. It recommended before any paint, bleaching or perming for effective protection of the hair and scalp.

The innovative composition of HUILE D'AL?S contain rosin and an original composition of essential oils specially created to offer deep hydration, smoothing and lovely shine to dry hair.

Way of use
Break the ampoule with special components and empty the contents of the dispenser.
Spray the hair tuft by tuft tips to the roots.
Allow the oil to act 15 to 30 minutes.
Rinse your hair thoroughly.
It offers maximum comfort for dry and sensitive scalp. It is the perfect complement to dye your hair to protect the skin of your head.

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