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Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 4100 Blue Black

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by Philips
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Adds power to your morning. Now enjoy a refreshing shave without worrying about damaging your skin. The Aquatec of the shaver seal ensures a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave.

You can get the close shave you desire with the Philips Norelco Series 4000 AT810/41 cordless men’s electric razor. This is the former PowerTouch with AquaTec model redesigned and renamed. No more nicks, cuts, or razor burn from traditional standard razors when you use the Norelco 4000 series. With the Philips Norelco 4000 series you can get a close shave on your face without irritation to the skin. On and off buttons can make it easy to control your shaving routine because there is no fumbling trying to flip a toggle switch up or down. Philips Norelco uses AquaTec technology so men can use this shaver with or without shaving cream or gel. You can experience a wet or dry shave with the Philips Norelco AT810 series and enjoy an effortless shave. You can even use shaving cream or gel with water for a close shave. Water won’t hurt the mechanisms of the shaver heads, so you can feel free to make this razor a part of your daily personal care routine. Whether you rock a bushy beard or shave every day for a smooth feel, the Philips Norelco shaver AT810/41 series uses dualprecision technology to carefully remove long beard hair or short stubble. The dual blades move in a circular motion and in four directions to lift hair from the shaft and cut it. This can help to remove hair from beneath the skin’s surface so that your face feels smooth and stubble free. With flexible heads, you don’t need to worry about the razor missing patches of hair or causing irritation or razor bumps. The flexible heads move with the contours of your face, which can ensure that you get a clean shave whether you are shaving the sides of your face or your chin. A pop up trimmer can let you shape and contour smaller facial hair areas including the sideburns, a mustache, or a goatee. The Philips Norelco cordless shaver is fully rechargeable. The battery type is one rechargeable lithium ion. A charging dock fully charges the AT810 series electric shaver within one hour for 50 minutes of shave time or up to two weeks of shaving off of one charge. The optional three minute charge lets you get quick shave results for spur of the moment touchups or finishing up a current shave job. The charging station plugs into the wall and is not a razor stand. An LED light lets you know when the battery is running low, and lights on the charging dock inform you when the electric shaver is fully charged and ready for use. The Norelco 4000 series is a quiet electric razor whether using it as a wet or dry shave. The blades are fully washable for easy cleaning. Just run under warm water and use the included cleaning brush to prevent a buildup of hair in the blades. A plastic cover protects the trimmer heads from accumulating dust and debris when not in use. Trimmer blades can last up to a year and can be replaced with HQ8 series electric shaver blades. With integrated PowerTouch technologies, wet and dry shave options, and quickly recharged batteries, the Philips Norelco electric wet and dry trimmer 4000 model series can be one razor you want to use for years for a skin-close clean shave.


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