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Mason Pearson Boar Pocket Bristle & Nylon Brush- BN4 Pink

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Introducing the BN4 Pink Bristle & Nylon Brush from Mason Pearson, the smallest but mighty addition to your haircare collection. Perfectly crafted with a combination of boar bristle and nylon, this brush is ideal for normal to thick hair. Its compact size allows for easy portability, ensuring your hair is always impeccably groomed. Mason Pearson has you covered with the BN4 Hairbrush, wherever you go!

Spreads out natural oils
When you choose a hairbrush from Mason Pearson over a traditional hairbrush, there is one big benefit in particular: you can use the brush to spread out natural oils from your scalp and thereby add glow to your hair. The stimulus and massaging of the scalp sets free the oils. This is only possible because of the bristle hair, which is very close and perfectly stiff. Who would have thought that the best hair oil comes from our own scalp?

Mason Pearson: The world’s best brushes
Founded in England, Mason Pearson started small but quickly gained fame for its innovative hairbrushes. Praised by women's magazines, the brushes spread internationally, solidifying Mason Pearson as a globally recognized brand.

• Type of hair: Boar and nylon
• Size: Pocket (extra small)
• Suitable for: Normal to thick hair

Gentle detangling: Boar bristles are known to be softer on hair than synthetic bristles, which can help to minimize breakage and detangle hair gently.

Improved scalp health: Boar bristles can help distribute natural oils from the scalp throughout the hair, potentially promoting a healthy scalp.

Shine and smoothness: Natural boar bristles can help smooth the hair cuticle, resulting in shinier and smoother hair.

Grip and control: A combination of boar and nylon bristles might offer a good balance of grip (nylon) for detangling and smoothing (boar bristle).

Durability: Natural rubber cushions can be durable and long-lasting.

Comfortable grip: Cellulose acetate is a lightweight plastic that can provide a comfortable grip.

Brush your hair 1-2 times daily to distribute natural oils, remove loose hair, and stimulate the scalp.

Detangle: Start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up towards the roots. This helps minimize breakage.

Sections: For thicker hair, section your hair and brush each section individually.

Brushing Strokes: Use smooth, gentle strokes, avoiding pulling or tugging on your hair.

Scalp Stimulation: Apply light pressure while brushing to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tia Kelly

I purchased the pink but it sold out from under me. Customer service was very nice about it and offered to send me white instead, or give me a refund. It was not the color I wanted but it was a solution.

Mason Pearson Boar Pocket Bristle & Nylon Brush- BN4 Pink



Hard to locate item. Thrill to have located it.

Mason Pearson Boar Pocket Bristle & Nylon Brush- BN4 Pink

Hard to locate item. Thrill to have located it.