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Keller Ceramic Curler 80 Turmalin & Ionic

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by Dural
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High quality, antistatic professional round brush

Thanks to the ionized nylon bristles , which are coated with tourmaline , the static charge on the hair is reduced.
The non-slip professional brush handle prevents the hair entanglement - no tangles and tearing.

Thanks to the ceramic coating , this round brush has excellent heat storage and heat reflection.
This has the advantage that the heat comes not only from the "outside" when blow-drying , but also from the "inside" thanks to
the radiation from the ceramic body.
Thus a more even, gentle and faster drying of the hair.

The ceramic round brush with ionized nylon bristles has a sleeve adapted to the shape of the head. Thereby even better blow drying results.

The ceramic coating of the brush body in conjunction with the ionized, pleasant nylon bristles helps against "flying the hair" and brings a great shine to the hair.

Thanks to the use of light materials, this hairdressing round brush is very handy and perfect for fatigue-free work.

The large air openings in the hairbrush allow good air circulation, which also speeds up the drying process and gives the hairstyle even more volume.

A clever extra: a removable compartment tip is housed in the brush handle - ideal if the hair has to be separated while working

Top optics, excellent quality - a 1A antistatic round brush which is available in 5 different brush diameters - always the optimal round brush for short hair, for long and long hair.

Features of the antistatic round brushes:

  • Tourmaline coated nylon bristles

  • Ceramic-coated brush body

  • ergonomic handle

  • ergonomic brush body shape

  • lightweight

  • large air openings

  • integrated, removable compartment tip

  • Protection against pinching hair when turning

  • available in 5 sizes - for short, medium and long hair

  • Color black / copper


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