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Beardbrand Ketchup Fries Pocket Comb

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Beardbrand Beard Combs are handmade from Italian cellulose acetate—a plant-based, rubber-like material that doesn’t produce static, is durable, and won’t snag your hairs. These beauties comb through straight, curly, and wavy beards like a hot knife through butter.

Keeping up with Beardbrand limited-edition combs can feel like a never-ending game of ketchup.

Ketchup? Don’t you mean catch-up?

Nope—we named our new Pocket Comb after the greatest side-dish ever invented…

Allow us to introduce you to the brand new, limited-edition Ketchup Fries Pocket Comb.

Straight out of the fryer, this Pocket Comb design is coming in hot.

And just like french-fried potaters, this Pocket Comb is also plant-based. We’re talking about that smooth cellulose acetate that flows snag-free through the thickest of hair. And each Ketchup Fries Pocket Comb features the perfect ratio of wide teeth for your beard and fine teeth for extra precision on the mustache.

At 4.31” in length, this small fry fits perfectly in pants pockets, shirt pockets, desk drawers, dashboards, value meals, under your car seat, and anywhere else you can think of to stash them.

But don’t wait—the Ketchup Fries Pocket Combs are likely to sell out faster than you can say, “lay off me, I’m starving!” And once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Customer Reviews

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jon rappard

Silly. Appears well made. Won't want to lose it.

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